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so i've been a bad blogger this past week. i kept thinking i would update, but then i'd get swept up in life at the villa or life back home (via skype). but i'm making myself update before going out of contact for 48 hours in venice for carnevale.

last weekend i went to florence on saturday. the main point of the visit was for the chocolate festival (at least it was for me) and that definitely exceeded my expectations. just a tent in the middle of piazza santa croce, it was packed with everyone who had a sweet tooth with an affinity for chocolate. got a lot of free samples just from walking around and i just finished my last piece of chocolate that i purchased there today. there were a lot of funny moments throughout the trip, which isn't really a departure from what it's like in the villa actually, but the best as probably when four of us were waiting for the train back to arezzo. we saw a very short train on the platform, but figured it was just too small and not ours. DUH. it was. luckily there was another 40 minutes later, but really? we were convinced it wasn't our train. of course the next one that came was the same size. lesson learned: take the short train to arezzo.

classes this week are pretty much the same; our schedule constantly shifts, but it's similar enough that i don't feel the need to delve into details. one class did stand out today though: we had tarantella, but it ended up as more of an improv day. francesco came and he, along with gianni, had each of us improv a short solo that expressed our idea of beauty. i was actually more impressed with what i saw today than the solos we did for giorgio last week. after mine, francesco said i had expressed both the pain and the joy of love. for someone who doesn't like to express feelings, i seem to have found the right outlet.

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