only so many hours in the day.

today was the first day i left the villa in over 72 hours. come si dici "cabin fever"?

its been crazy busy with classes and nighttime events. i guess the first week was to sort of ease us into being here and its only going to pick up from there. i already wrote a little about giorgio, but he is seriously awesome. he's really funny, but also seriously interested in teaching us as much as he can this semester. there are several differences between my teachers at home versus the ones here (obviously), but the biggest one i've noticed is this: they never tell you you've done something wrong. instead "is good, but not what i ask." i think it's a compelling distinction.

one thing that is awesome about this program is the crossover we experience with the students in the theater track. on wednesday, we got to join their voice class. there was some singing, but it was also learning about how to project your voice. we rarely work on that in dance, so it was a fun departure. watch here:

thursday evening, the theater track joined the dancers in tarantella. having a bigger group definitely changed the atmosphere a bit, but it was really a great time being able to show what we do, especially after having experience voice class. we do joint classes several more times throughout the semester, and after my first taste, i can hardly wait until the next one.

despite my excitement, i am completely exhausted from this week. (sono exhausto in italiano.) however, after a little recuperation this evening, i'm sure i'll be ready for tomorrow. the first weekend of every month, arezzo hosts not only the largest antiques fair in italy, but also the oldest. a brief stop there, and then off to firenze again, but this time for the night. there's a chocolate festival. a festival devoted entirely to CHOCOLATE? how could i not go?

fin. (yes, i know that's french. i'm trilingual, nbd.)

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