can't be anywhere but now.

yes, that's the title of my solo. and also the theme for my semester i think. we've talked a lot in class about how you're here because you're here... not because you're not somewhere else. i love that concept. (articulated by giorgio. i think i'll like him).

anyways, i'm up late and i think it's because i'm having a bit of a hard time letting go of not being at goucher this semester. it's strange because i've loved every minute of my abroad experience so far and i can't imagine being anywhere else this semester, yet i'm still letting myself get pulled into the news from across the ocean. i need to stop that and be here because i'm here. and how could i not love it here?

i mean, look at the view:

so new plan: focus on me for a while. which is a strange concept. it sounds selfish, but i think it's ok. i don't know if i ever really have.

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  1. I love both of your new entries. I like the idea of you focusing on yourself and being where you are now. That is a yoga concept. If you are not here you are nowhere.

    Funny, from a mom's perspective I always thought you focused on yourself especially with dance and school, but perhaps not your "true" self.