vintage selection.

yesterday, i had one of the best days ever. i hopped the train to florence with some friends and my roommate. it took about an hour to get there... i love how easy it is to get around. one of the grad students told us about a place to eat in what was essentially a covered farmer's market. the food was AH-mazing. it was very busy and loud and we had to sit at a table with other people, but it was just such a cool experience. it was clearly not a tourist spot, which made it even better. the goal of the day trip was to go to this vintage market, so that was our next stop. it was set up in stazione leopolde... the old train station. it cost 5 euro to get in, but even if i hadn't purchased anything, it would've been worth the money. there must have been over 50 vendors there and you could get anything from 5 euros to over a 1000. vintage louis vuitton and chanel. ysl and lacoste. i was just in heaven walking around. it was like a fashion museum warehouse. i wish i had taken a picture.

there was this really cool chain belt that said "coco" on it, but i decided to buy a vintage louis instead. thanks, mom! i'm so excited to go on my first overnight weekend trip and use it. we probably spent 3 hours just wandering around. we then spent about another hour just walking back to the train station. it was such a nice feeling to just walk around. we also got to use some italian... i'm pretty excited monica's lessons are so helpful.

after getting back to arezzo, we ate at this gem of a restaurant, mazzoni. everything was just so good; i was in heaven. we also showed up at the right time for dinner and in a group of 4 instead of 12 so it was less embarrassing than our last dining out experience. i'm still getting used to the feeling of living in a foreign country, as opposed to visiting it. it's very strange, but i can't imagine being anywhere else this semester.

we've also started booking weekend trips, as well as spring break. chocolate festival in florence next weekend? sold. carnival in venice and spring break in greece. any other suggestions?

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  1. take pictures next time.