first day of school.

so this past weekend was fun. ricardo threw his party for us. he had a nice spread laid out, karaoke and tables for beer pong/flip cup. it was a nice chance for everyone to get together and just have some fun. although my throat did hurt for several days after from all the singing. on saturday, we went to the market, which reminded me of a smaller version of porte portese. after dinner we went to a dance performance. there were three solos: claudia catarzi, chiara orefice and stefano questorio. apparently we'll be working with stefano later this semester, so it was cool to see his work prior to the experience. afterwards, some of us went to aurora, a bar owned and frequented by communists. we were the only americans there but it was really fun.

yesterday was basically just a veg day which was great before we started classes. we had a major tourist moment though because we got to the city for dinner so early that we couldn't get into a restaurant for another 30 min after we arrived. it was kind of embarrassing, but now we know i guess.

today were classes! those of us on the dance track had modern technique then philosophy with everyone. then we had to take a bus into town for ballet. we had this really intense teacher, but she seemed to warm up to us, which was good. we were being observed by the other teachers from the studio as well, so it was a little bit intimidating, but hopefully they'll become friendlier as the semester progresses. tomorrow we have 4 hours of tarantella... i'm nervous.


  1. such a tourist. tsk tsk.

    what is tarantella? i remember playing a piece in piano called tarantella. it's a dance? you have FOUR HOURS of it? chicka what?

  2. yeah it's a folk dance... there's a different one for every region and it was made to "dance the poisons" out. hurts da calves A LOT. but luckily we didn't do it for 4 straight hours haha.