my bags are packed, i'm ready to go.

okay, so that's not completely true, but i did start the tedious process of packing today. i have two suitcases: a small one with all my clothes for the short stay in rome and then a large one for everything else. i am a little nervous about navigating through the train station with a couple large suitcases (especially since there's apparently a lot of stairs) but i don't really think i have any other options. at least they are of the rolling variety.

as the day of departure fast approaches, i am increasingly apprehensive. i know when i get there i'll settle down, but right now i'm nervous that i'll forget to pack something essential or have flight delays or something will go wrong. but i guess i get that way before i travel anywhere. it's just exacerbated this time because i'm not going on vacation... i'm going to study for a whole semester in italy. i'm also nervous because i really don't know what to expect. i've become comfortable with what i do, who i am and where i fit in at school. but, in 36 hours, i'll be throwing myself into a foreign country where i don't speak the language. and a few days after that i'll be participating in a conservatory-style program in a little town in the midst of the tuscan countryside.

at least i have my travel outfit picked out.
roundtrip flight to rome? $840. landing with confidence? priceless.

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