not for unsteady souls.

after two years of anticipation i have finally arrived in arezzo for study abroad. first of all, it is gorgeous here. actually, i can't think of word that begins to encapsulate how feel about the overwhelming charm and beauty of a town so old. a walking tour of the town today left me in wide-eyed awe. it's amazing how old some of the buildings are; i feel like they pulse with thousands of sordid tales. of course, this comes from living in a country where a building that is merely 100 years old becomes a historical landmark. the difference is just mind blowing. although it's not my first visit across the pond, i don't remember feeling quite as awed the last time. maybe it's because i can't seem to wrap my mind around the fact that i'll actually be living here for three months.

i haven't updated in a few days because after the whirlwind of rome, it's been pretty slow paced here. i took a train into the town, then got a little disorientated and couldn't make it out of the train station for several minutes, but then i made it to a taxi and up the hill. i was the first undergrad student here so i got the luxury of settling in slowly while waiting for everyone else to arrive. for the last couple of days, we've just done basic orientation stuff. last night, about 20 of us made the trek into town and to the "american" bar for a taste of the nightlife. it was fun, although different from rome. tonight, ricardo and the rest of the facilities staff is throwing us a welcome party... everyone chipped in a few euro and i think it'll be a good time.

as for the program, there are 18 undergrads and 12 mfa students. there's only male among us undergrads, which i think must be as much a curse as a blessing for him. there are 9 students in each track: dance and theatre. i have a great roommate, who is also a dancer and actually spent her last semester in florence. she plays guitar and has promised to teach me... new skills here i come! i already have plans in the works for international travels, but what i'm most excited is a chance to explore the town on my own as well as for classes to start... i can't wait to learn italian! pictures to follow soon. meaning, once i actually take some.

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