food & fun in roma.

well, much has happened since i last posted, but i will try to keep this update from being too overwhelming. after a siesta, liz and i went out for dinner sunday night in trastevere. there were these two heartbreakingly beautiful guys that were literally STARING at us as we choose a table, but unfortunately they left without introducing themselves. oh well, such is life eh? liz had been telling me all about this after dinner liqueur called limoncello, so after dinner we went in search of it. we ended up at a bar and sipped on our limoncello which basically tastes like a super-concentrated lemon drop. burned my mouth a little bit though. one of the workers liked us, so he brought us free shots, completely unprompted by us. who can complain about that? met some italian men that were sitting nearby, but they were a little older and not quite as beautiful as our missed connection at dinner so we declined a ride home.

after some research, i found that the angels & demons tour costs 56 euro: a little steep for our tastes. instead, liz and i went to the colosseum and then i bought a cheap phone. after lunch, reading and a nap, liz arranged for her friend andrew to pick me up because i had mentioned my wish to ride a moterino. touring the city at night on the back of a moterino was amazing. we met up with liz and a great little pizza place and then had chocolate shots at this place after dinner. so yummy. i finished my book after dinner... i had gotten to a really exciting part when andrew came to pick me up, so it was satisfying to come back and finish it.

today was vatican day. before getting there, we had cappuccinos and croissants at a little place near liz's school/apartment. after a short bus ride, we spent several hours exploring the museums and st. peter's. the amount of artwork that the church owns is absolutely staggering. also got hit on by a vatican guard. not something that i would've expected but i guess the blonde hair works in mysterious ways. had some really delicious salami and cheese sandwiches for lunch while my pictures uploaded to fb and now i'll probably go read slash gather up stray belongings because tomorrow i'll be going to arezzo!

ps: looking back, it sounds like much of what i do here is eat, but it's just all so good, i can't help but include it!

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